Project Description

Rosalyn O’Grady

I can find inspirations for paintings everywhere. For instance, at the grocery store, the colors in the fruits and vegetables section are so inspiring – I can get really excited with stacks of green and red peppers and purple onions. Also, I can be inspired by people chatting across a table in a café or people doing any everyday activity, and the early morning light shining on the leaves of a magnolia tree, or a path in my backyard.

Anything can ignite a creative spark in my imagination that sends me running to the easel. I am inspired by all forms and styles of painting: be it realism or impressionism, non-objective or objective abstracts, classical or cave drawings. It is how artists use these various styles and methods to express their personal concepts, notions and ideals that appeals to me. So when I’m painting, I strive to keep the initial excitement of the idea alive and build from there.

My primary mediums now are oils and pastels, even though, I painted with acrylics for many years. The subject matters I prefer can be painted in the studio from studies; still-life’s and photos. I like to mix things up sometimes and paint small landscapes – en plein air.

I hope others can experience my love for painting when they view my pictures. I offer them to the viewer to be observed, and to be enjoyed and hopefully in some way, be inspired by them.

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