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Cold wax medium is all the buzz these days, and for very good reasons! Not only is it used to make stunning paintings with oodles of depth and texture but the combination of cold wax and oil paint is versatile, forgiving, quick drying, and much more!

In this three-day workshop you will learn how to create cold wax and oil paintings that reflect your individual vision. Through demonstrations and exciting exercises, you will explore composition, values, color theory, and artistic purpose in an easy and approachable manner with lots of humor injected. Additionally, you will learn how to keep colors bright and vibrant without getting muddy and how to handle your tools to get the desired effects. Using scrapers, palette knives, squeegees, and even common household tools, you will learn how to create a variety of textures that will add character and flair to your cold wax and oil paintings.

All levels are welcome! Beginners will enjoy the ease of use with cold wax medium, and experienced painters will enjoy the fresh and new approach that this versatile medium offers.

Kim Sobat’s Workshop Supply List

Cost is $250/CAA members; $275/non-members